Show relevant product recommendations to your visitors.

Increase product discovery and improve conversions.
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Delight your visitors with amazing product recommendations

  • Customers find what they are looking for.
  • Improved conversions and more sales.
  • Real-time machine learning algorithms suggest relevant recommendations.
  • Quick and easy integration saves you time.

Analyze performance

Easily view your widget views, clicks, add to carts and conversions. Monitor widget stats and understand visitor patterns and evaluate experiments to find best converting widget setup.

Customize widgets

Widget strategies are perfectly customizable and each widget recommendation strategy can be customized down to individual recommendation slot using a range of collaborative filtering algorithms.
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Quick integration

UpsellBox API allows you to easily sync your product catalogue, handle user events and obtain personalised recommendations.

// Send interactions
_evntsdk.push(["sendPageView", {"page": "ProductPage", "pid": "PXYZ100"}]);
_evntsdk.push(["sendCartCheckout", {"orderId": "o123", "cart": [{"vid":"PXYZ100-L", "qty": 1}]}]);

// Obtain recommendations
var resp = function (widget, recommendationId, recommendedProducts) {
    // Display recommended products in your widget...

_evntsdk.push(["getRecommendations", {"widget": "ProductPageWidget", "pid": "PXYZ100", "callback": resp}]);

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